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In a Rose Garden

In a Rose Garden ┬╗ And vainly there foregathered, Shall we regret the sun? The rose of love, ungathered? The bay, we have not won? Ah, child! the world’s dark marges May lead to Nevermore, The stately funeral barges Sail for an unknown shore, And love we vow to-morrow, And pride we serve to-day: What-if […]

White Garden Rose Facts

Dear Friend, White garden rose is one of the most popular flowering plants of all time. The rose has been around for generations and shows no signs of abating or going into retirement. Almost anyone can tell you who was sent roses. The rose makes a special gift around certain holidays. St. Valentine’s Day is […]

Rose Bush Gardening Is Fun

Dear Friend, Roses bush gardening in areas or around the perimeter can add a very classic look to your landscaping. Another factor here is that they act as a framing plant for your entire garden. What may not be beneficial to you is that certain types of roses require lots of sunshine. While others require […]

Rose Garden Care

Dear Friend, Rose garden care is really nothing more than common sense as it pertains to caring for plants and any living organism. In this article we will share with you the tried and true methods of making the best rose garden grow into a beautiful oasis of fragrant roses. You may be like a […]

Rose Flower Garden Benefits

Dear Friend, Rose flower garden landscapes have not changed much over the years. Some roses have the ability to grow quite tall. More than four feet for some varieties. Whether you want to use roses to spruce up your yard, hide a less than perfect area of your home, or bask the wonderful fragrant scents […]

Plant A Rose Garden

Dear Friend, To plant a rose garden there are a number of resources you will need to use. First are you wanting to have just a single plant? Or would you like an entire garden designed with the latest in computer aided design (CAD)? These are just a few of the elementary questions you’ll need […]