Roses In Garden Clubs

Dear Friend,
For thousands of years Roses in garden settings around the world have enthralled rose enthusiasts. Who can resist the almost hypnotic appeal of a red rose? Most women just adore them for the simple reason that red roses have an intrinsic meaning to them. That of love.

One trend in gardening that shows no sign of letting up is that of organic gardening. When you think of the impact that pesticides have had on anything grown in the ground, is there any wonder why this trend won’t revers? Probably not any time soon.

Organics love to discuss the benefits of using their products for family, pets, wildlife, and the water supply. This is something that has far reaching influence. Every living organism needs H20 to survive. Man or in this case your beloved roses can only withstand a certain amount of days without water.

If you don’t believe me try it. Try not to water your plants or your grass for that matter for a few days. If you had a lawn that was well cared for, properly fertilized and hydrated, once water is withheld you will see for yourself that water is essential.

When you experiment with chemicals, your plants will grow to depend upon them. It is fair to say that you could use environmentally friendly herbicides, pesticides but that statement is virtually oxymoronic.

The leaves of the plants are photo synthesized. That is the process water and sunlight in order to produce energy. In the same way that the human body must metabolized all hardened food into sugar or glucose before it can be used as fuel (energy).

Herbicides and pesticides as well as commercially based fertilizers can destroy natural organisms. This disruption in the earths ecosystem is the reason behind the huge organic movement around the globe. If we do not take care of the earth while we are here for a short time, there may be no earth for future generations to occupy. Sobering thought isn’t it?

The goal of organic gardening and being environmentally conscious is not to make you into some fanatic trying to save the earth, but rather to help you to make better decisions and choices that don’t harm other living organisms.

Another goal in planting roses is to grow the largest blooms of the most fragrant roses. Inclusive of having a spectacular garden of radiant hues. This would indeed be beautiful to the eyes.